Indulge me, if you will, but I feel like ranting a bit about one of my designer favorites.

Prada's Luna Rossa has quickly become one of my go to spring/summer fragrances, competing alongside the likes of GIT and MI. I can't really explain what it is about this fragrance that has me so excited, but I'll do my best, because I think right now it's sitting under the radar as one of the better designer offerings on the market.

It opens up with a bitter orange note, and this note stays present (albeit a little behind the scenes) for the entire duration of this fragrance's longevity. I love this note. It's a pleasant departure from the usual suspects of the citrus world like lemon or regular orange without being synthetic, like (at least to my nose) the yuzu found in L'eau d'issey.

From there it relaxes into a powdery lavender and this is the main note for the remainder of the longevity. It smells clean without smelling synthetic or too cloying. It's a good floral note that I think makes this frag very unisex. Along with the lavender I get hints of mint which adds to the freshness of the scent, and also to the uniqueness (mint seems to be an uncommon note to my understanding). There have been some comparisons to a soapiness and I suppose those are valid, but in that case Luna Rossa would be the highest class of high class soaps.

Luna Rossa, above all, exudes cleanliness. It's smooth, light and fresh, and for those reasons it's wearable pretty much anywhere. Contrary to what one might expect considering the lightness of its notes, Luna Rossa actually exceeds expectations when it comes to projection. You won't fill a room but people who walk past you will get a good whif. When it comes to longevity, Luna Rossa takes your expectations and throws them out the window. Luna Rossa lasts FOREVER. I put it on relatively early in the morning and it lasts me well into the night, and often into the next morning without ever really becoming a skin scent. It's never a projection powerhouse but it does a suitable job and it does the same level of work through almost its entire duration, a feat many stronger frags can't attest to.

Overall, I love Luna Rossa. I find myself reaching for it far more than I thought I would entering into the spring, especially considering my recent acquisition of GIT (which I still wear more often, but not as MUCH more often as I had thought). Prada has really outdone themselves here, and despite comparisons to l'infusion, I find LR to be the vastly superior frag. I've never seen it mentioned here on BN so I just wanted to show it a little love.

Sorry for rambling. Peace