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    Default If you had to pick one to be a true signature what would it be?

    Ive made a few threads, done research, bought a bunch of samples including niche's and have concluded that I enjoy the house of Dior. I want a signature scent, something I hope I wont get board of (That part is on me). I will be on a hot humid beach all summer, and my winter will be blizzardy in WI.
    I am between: Dior Homme and Dior Homme Sport (Considered sampling Intense, but Im not that picky). I love the complexity Homme brings, but also adore the simplicity of the Sport. Which one would be able to fit year round? even if it is better in one season.

    I want to have a scent that people know is me. I know I will get sucked into this hobby if i spend too much time on Basenotes, so I want to find a signature and get outa here =P (Or ill be 10 bottles deep)

    I am also 19 in college.

    Edit: Should I look into DHI for the winter? Might Chose 2 scents..

    Edit: Do certain notes become more prominent during certain seasons? or do they just complement the surroundings/situation? I don't get a strong "powder/make-up" note on my skin. but would hate if that showed up in certain seasons...(Or maybe i do get it an enjoy it idk?)
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