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    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. So far I can say this is an awesome forum, total unexpected surprise. My question is, where should I look for a leather jacket? I'd like something I can wear out with friends but also to a lounge or a club. I'm 26 and have a pretty clean/classy style, although I'd prefer the jacket to be a little edgy. I'm really lost here, I don't know what would be a fair price, although my budget tops out at $400. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Depends on your location; in USA / Canada, choices are relatively less unless you go to a specialty store in which case u can get grt stuff but at a high price...Under 200 should get u decent stuff.

    I bought my jackets more than 7 yrs ago from India from a leather exporter, so stuff's still amazing...

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    Good to know, I'm in Los Angeles so there's a lot of places to find something but like you said it's gonna be pricey. I was actually thinking of buying online.

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    Try here:

    Lots of different price variations to fit your budget. I don't think ASOS is as big in the US as it is in the UK yet, but it's a great place to shop online.

    Their selection on leather jackets is fairly limited at the moment, as will most stores selections, as summer is coming. You'd be better off shopping for one in September/October time when the new seasons come out.

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    Check out yoox.

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    Shop around. You should be able to find one to your liking in your area (LA) for around $400. What quality of leather are you aiming at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Shop around. You should be able to find one to your liking in your area (LA) for around $400. What quality of leather are you aiming at?
    I wouldn't even know. I'd prefer to be something I can wear for years, something that can last.

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    btw thanks HAllen and Graphite for the links, definitely going to check these out.

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    Save up to get something you will want to wear, donít settle. Too bad Temple of Jawnz closed their MTM operation.

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    Take a look at They are expensive but if you are not sure what style you are looking for, they have a ton. If you run across a double breasted black leather blazer...drop me the link please.
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