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    Default For those who live in Melbourne, Australia

    [Posting this here for Melburnians who don't often visit the BN Australian forum]

    A 'Sniff-Together' will be happening this Sunday 5th of May from 11.30am (but come when you can, as we're usually still yakking past 4pm).

    The venue is:
    Alphabet City Cafe (in the back 'loungeroom')
    100 High Street Northcote

    A decent lunch menu and good coffee will be available - most people order a meal, but it's up to you if you want to eat. The atmosphere is casual and fun.

    Bring along your current fave bottles or samples for 'show and tell' (optional), plus any frags you'd like to swap or sell (also optional).

    All welcome (guys, don't be shy!)

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    Default Re: For those who live in Melbourne, Australia

    Nice to see more aussie based fragrance things happening
    "Geez, when are the 'We love Aventus' T-shirts coming out?"
    (Possum-Pie, 2012)

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    Default Re: For those who live in Melbourne, Australia

    Thanks for the invitation, but unfortunately I won't be able to make it.

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