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    Default Shalimar and Tom Ford

    So I just got my hands on a bottle of Shalimar EDP, and I'm genuinely liking it somewhat to my surprise. I've always kind of liked vanilla as a scent and I think Shalimar actually does a more masculine take on the note than most contemporary men's frags.

    I noticed the strangest thing though. With the exception of the opening, Shalimar smells remarkably like Tom Ford Noir. I suppose it's actually the other way around but still. They both have that thick, kind of spicy, powdery vanilla note that permeates throughout. The Shalimar feels somewhat better rounded, and is certainly more complex than the admittedly linear TF, but Noir is softer, and a bit better suited to the nighttime.

    I wonder if anybody else has noticed this similarity? I feel that Noir is a touch more masculine, but I might be biased by the marketing for these two frags. I've always thought Noir was a bit underrated, and now that I find it's so similar to (one might even call it a modern, albeit toned down take on) such an enduring classic I want to hear others' opinions, on both Shalimar and TF Noir

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    Default Re: Shalimar and Tom Ford

    I don't get particular similarities between the two other than the vanilla. But you are right that Shalimar makes an excellent masculine, and is perhaps the best treatment of vanilla that's still around (together with Caron pour un homme, which is however in a completely different style).

    Shalimar after all has been a model for orientals for decades, so it's no surprise to find bits and pieces here and there. (And shalimar itself had been inspired by the now unrecognizable Emeraude, which itself would make an excellent masculine).


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    Default Re: Shalimar and Tom Ford

    Many reviews have noted the similarities. I have to say that it wouldn't have jumped out at me, but then I'm no expert nose! For me the vanilla is the only obvious connection. But I own and love both fragrances.

    Just an aside: another fragrance that is said to have been modeled after Shalimar is Fils de Dieu by Etat Libre d'Orange. That I can actually notice a bit more.
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    Default Re: Shalimar and Tom Ford

    For me, the strong vanilla, patchouli and musk/civet (I guess animalic?) notes in both make them seem rather similar. Again, the tom ford is a bit toned down in the spiciness, and overall feels more subtle and sensual, whereas the Shalimar feels more in your face and has stronger animalic notes. Truthfully I just find it odd how Shalimar is marketed as strictly feminine while TF Noir is marketed as one of the most heavily masculine frags out there when they feel so similar. IN fact I might go so far as to say that if I didn't know which was which I might call Shalimar the more masculine of the two.

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    Default Re: Shalimar and Tom Ford

    Very interesting thread because I've been very keen on both Shalimar Parfum Initial and the L'eau version. I like the way they resemble Dior Homme and DHI, but they are much more complex, to me, than the Dior scents. I wonder if you mean the present Shalimar EDP, the one with a blue ribbom on the bottle? Thanks, JM
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    Default Re: Shalimar and Tom Ford

    I find this interesting because to my nose, Shalimar is nearly all leather. I know theirs vanilla, but it's not the main event. Interesting.
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