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    Default Hoarding was the solution, but now it is too late!

    I am very happpy for having built my collection before the reformulation years. 97% of my bottles were bought before 2009 (most in 2007-2008), so just a few fragrances had already been changed. Azarro is one such example, it had already been reformulated by 2009.

    I did buy more than one bottle of my very favorite perfumes, and I have 5 bottles of Hammam Bouquet, my signature scent. But sometimes I fear that I may not have hoarded deep enough and someday my favorite ones will be gone, and I will face the horrible reformulations.

    What have you done in the past? Did you buy many bottles as I did, or did you miss the opportunity? I don't believe the regulations will ever be revoked, so this is a permanent damage to the perfume formulas. There is no way back.
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