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    Default Preferred notes?

    Hi Ladies,

    The reason for posting this thread is that recently I read an article which claimed women like scents with citrus notes on their male counterparts. Kind of seemed odd to me as most of the scents which I got compliments for by females didn't contain any citrus but on the contrary Oud, Vanilla and Lavender attract some attention, on me that is.
    So I'd like to have your view on the matter and your preferred notes.

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    Default Re: Preferred notes?

    We have discussed it many times before, both here and on the Industry forum.

    To make it short: yes, citrus is a part of many fragrances. Yes, there are some people who enjoy it. The target group for the research in the article you have read may or may not have consisted of people who own several bottles of fragrances and have particular preferences in their perfumes. Bottom line: enjoy what you like and, once in a while, indulge your nearest and dearest.
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