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Thread: Fuzzy Smell

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    Default Fuzzy Smell

    Would anybody know what I am talking about if I said some designer perfumes have a fuzzy sort of smell to them? I don't mean fuzzy peachy.

    If so, any suggestions for which materials may help produce this effect?

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    When I think "fuzzy" Cashmeran comes to mind. Woody Amber products get fairly fuzzy for me as well, Ambrocenide, Ebanol et al.
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    Default Re: Fuzzy Smell

    I second wooznib, and can also think of Iso E Super and Timbersilk, which can have this fuzziness, coming and going.
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    We had a long discussion about this some time back in this thread, which has quite a lot of ideas in it.
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    I was thinking Timberol. Have you tried smelling this? In my notes I call it, "Hairy, buzzy, dry, male underarm..."

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