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    Hey guys!

    I'm surprised that guava seems to be forgotten by perfumers. It smells so good.
    I love eating guava too, especially when it's half-ripe. The smell (and taste) is very fresh and invigorating. I would compare the smell of the leaf to that of orange leaf. Not the smell itself, but the vibe (a bit bitter but fresh and joyful).

    * I had guava trees in my yard and have climbed so many guava trees and eaten so many guavas in my life... uhm.. they're so good!

    Do you guys know any [half-ripe] guava perfume? I would love to find one with leafy/earthy/tart quality.

    I don't know much about essencial oils or absolutes but I tend to think that the guava might smell very ripe and synthetic.

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    Kahala Guava Nectar by Demeter Fragrance Library

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    I do not know how Guava smells or tastes like but Bond No 9 - Coney Island seems to be full with it according to fragrantica.

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    Adam Levine for men has a strong guava/passion fruit smell. Not a great frag, but maybe worth a try if that's what you're looking for.

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    Anvers - Ulrich Lang.
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    Solo Loewe

    Solo Loewe EDC Intense

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    Guava is to me very pungent and almost sickly. While its lovely to eat and drink, I am not sure it would work well in a fragrance.
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    Bond no. 9 Coney Island

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    Calyx by Prescriptives!
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    Guava plays prominently in a very cheap fragrance by Stetson called All American. You should give it a try as its easy to find on the net. It doesn't last super long (4-5hrs) but its very cheap so it won't cost you much.

    Also, I've found fragrances that feature a sumptuous watermelon or melon note can also capture the feeling of guava. Try Kenneth Cole's Reaction T-Shirt & Cool Water Game..
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    I like guava as a food, but they smell kinda cat piss-y to me.

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