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    Default Chanel No.19 and the 50ml refillable atomizers

    As I understand, these were originally made of brushed stainless steel, before the material was switched to silver plastic.

    Do any of you have the stainless steel version? My question is whether the 50ml refill bottles for the plastic atomizers can be used in the stainless steel ones.

    I would like to get one of the stainless steel atomizers if I can. But if the refill bottles are different... well, you get the idea

    Also, does anyone know when the 50ml refillable atomizers first went on sale? And when the switch was made from stainless steel to plastic?


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    To make clear, I mean the older style, like this:

    I just wrote to Chanel to see if they can help. I'll update with any information they provide.

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    Default Re: Chanel No.19 and the 50ml refillable atomizers

    I own the 100 ml Edt in both versions, plastic and metal. I think it's aluminum. The metal case (with a plastic inlay) is 4 mm taller and the cases are slightly differently constructed but the refill bottles are the same shape. There are also very vintage cases of plain metal, I got one 1.5 fl oz EdC, where I am not sure if it would work with newer refills.
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    Default Re: Chanel No.19 and the 50ml refillable atomizers

    I had the brushed metal refillable No. 19 as a teen in 1974, but I can't remember if it was 50 ml or larger. At least I can tell you it was being sold around then.

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