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    Default Re: Fake Creed Aventus

    My bottle of Aventus is nearly see through considering how much has peeled away.

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    Call Scotland Yard and get UN and BHO involved. We're talking Aventus here!

    P.S. Creed is the only one with access to royal oud royal pineapple and royal see trough bottles

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    Default Re: Fake Creed Aventus

    We got the comedian club going in here, haha.

    Seriously though, congrats on your wedding.

    The easiest way I have been able to identify fakes from reals when it comes to Creed is by removing the spritzer and checking for the white o-ring that lines the interior. All the knock-offs that I have seen don't bother to do this and have a clear or opaque plastic o-ring inside. Of course this is just from my experience and maybe times have changed and the counterfeiters have even started doing it now as well.
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