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Thread: Fake Aventus?

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    Thumbs down Fake Aventus?

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote my grandmother a letter and closed it by asking her for the "ageless classic, Aventus" for my birthday.

    Today, the postman left a box at my doorstep and this is what was inside:

    It smells good, but not quite like pineapple or smoke. Is it fake?
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    Default Re: Fake Aventus?

    This made me chuckle!

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    Default Re: Fake Aventus?

    The Aventus posts and jokes have hit a new low.......When is it ever enough?

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    Default Re: Fake Aventus?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mheusler View Post
    The Aventus posts and jokes have hit a new low.......When is it ever enough?
    I don't know which are worse, the so called jokes or the so called sincere posts.
    It brings the whole website down in my view.
    I think it would be better to have a separate forum for people who feel they have anything more to say about this.

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    Default Re: Fake Aventus?

    Has science gone too far?
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    Wink Re: Fake Aventus?

    There needs to be a separate 'Aventus' forum.

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    Default Re: Fake Aventus?

    I grinned.

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    Default Re: Fake Aventus?

    *would gladly wear over Aventus
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    Default Re: Fake Aventus?

    Looks ok. You're all set. Enjoy your purchase!

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