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    Default Looking for Cologne that smells like Head and Shoulders

    I know this is probably a strange request, but I love the scent of Head and Shoulders Ocean Lift. They have changed the formula in the past year or two, so it is a completely different smell than the one I love. The original smell came in a bottle with a blue label, like this, as opposed to the current formula that looks like this.

    I want to find a cologne that smells like that original scent. To my nose, it has a strong sunscreen note with a sort of fresh hint of menthol or peppermint. I've tried a few aquatic scents, none of which give me the smell I'm looking for. I've tried Bvlgari Aqva and Aqva Marine, Aqua Di Gio, D&G Light Blue, Burberry Summer, and a few other "summer" type fragrances.

    If anyone knows what the shampoo I'm referring to smells like, can you help me out? Even if you don't, what are some fragrances that have a sunscreen vibe to them? Ideally I'm looking for something fairly mainstream and popular, as I'd like to try it at my local department stores before buying.

    Thanks for reading and any help you can provide.

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    Default Re: Looking for Cologne that smells like Head and Shoulders

    Perhaps Armani Mania Summer.

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