I just sampled Kerosene Pretty Machine.

Usually florals with jasmine and orange blossom suffocate me, but I loved it and that's what I THOUGHT were the top notes.

Then I got some middle notes I am not sure of. I get a cucumber melon type scent and it could be a floral according to their description. They remind me of aquatic scents and I don't want to list them because I don't want to jade your thinking. I think I'm wrong and they are not really aquatic.

That said, I get the same cucumber melon notes with TF Black Orchid.

So now I'm wondering are any of these notes aquatic or melon to anybody? What am I smelling in Pretty Machine that has that accord?

Pretty Machine: "The fragrance features bergamot, lemon, lime, neroli, lime (linden blossom), orange blossom, jasmine, rose, vetiver and musk."

Black Orchid: "The top notes are French jasmine, black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant and effervescent citrus. In the floral-spicy heart, dwells the Tom Ford's black orchid, imaginary more than real..."

- - - Updated - - -

On another board, someone said "lemon, bergamot, and lime." I never even thought what I smelled could be a citrus note.

Any thoughts on that opinion?