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    I have a friend visiting Paris soon who is willing to purchase a few bell jars for me. Couple of questions: are the SA's generous with samples when a purchase of 3-4 bell jars is made? Samples are only available for the export line fragrances, correct? How does one procure one of the deluxe samples that looks like a smaller export bottle? Schmoozing? Large purchase? Just ask when purchase is made? Any info would be extremely helpful. I'd like to maximize my goodies and make it as simple for my friend as possible. PS I plan on getting Bois Oriental, Rahät Loukhoum for my sister, and Une Voix Noir for my mother, and perhaps Douce Amere or La Myrrhe.

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    Not in Paris, but the smaller 5mls sizes of the export are also given out to general department stores who sell SL. I have been given them in House of Fraser in the UK. They are only available in certain fragrances from time to time, so there is no guarantee they will have any. But good luck and I hope you can get a few. They are very cute. From reading boards and because the company who own SL is Shiseido, you tend to get lots of skincare samples usually.

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    As donna said already, you can get sample sprays of export ones (though I don't think they have them for all of them), and you can get sets of wax samples of the exclusif ones. I have never gotten any special small sample bottle, just regular plastic sprayers. They should give some regularly without being asked, but given how many $$$ you plan to spend, you should ask for more if you don't feel you got enough. They always asked of which export ones I'd like to get a sample, so provide a list to your friend, in case.

    Should you be so inclined, you can also ask for small booklet samples of their makeup line.


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    I am going to paris in about a month
    and I am curious,

    How much in euros does the Serge Lutens Bell Jars cost?

    It would have to know so I can save up!

    if anyone knows please let me know! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Serge Lutens Samples

    135 euros !
    And don't hesitate to ask the complete book of concretes (Lutens exclusives) & miniatures. The gave me the book + 2 miniatures when I buy my last bell jar.

    - - - Updated - - -

    By the way, you can now find SOME of the jar bell bottles at Printemps Haussman now (which proposes, I think, tax refund, but I don't know if it applies to these perfumes). THey have the most known of these bottles, such like Bois & Fruits, Bois & Musc, Bois Oriental, MKK...

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