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    Default Xerjoff in London

    Hi guys

    Does anyone know where I can find & sample xerjoff in London I would like to try 1861, Kobe and Nio



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    I do not know of anyone that sells these within the UK. Your best bet is a German company called First In Fragrance that has a very good reputation and they ship fast to the UK.

    Here's the link and they do samples for most of the Xerjoff range:

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    Harrod's sells the entire line, unless they dropped it recently. You can find it in the Roja Dove perfume shop they call "The Urban Retreat" which is located on the top floor of Harrod's behind the day spa area. It is a difficult little area to find within the store, but they carry the entire Xerjoff line there and also have bottles to sample. Also they have much more in that little shop - keep your hand on your wallet!

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    Fortnum & Mason

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