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    Default Tribute Attar question

    How is Tribute Attar? I've read good things about it. Right now my only experience with Amouage is Reflection Man and Dia Man. Love Reflection Man and can't make up my mind with Dia Man.

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    Default Re: Tribute Attar question

    It is a very luxurious oil based fragrance with great projection. It opens with a strong resinous Frankincense, its very smoky and very good quality. If you have ever smelled Frankincense resin thrown onto a burner that's what I get with it.

    After a while you can smell a waft of a beautiful rose/jasmine scent wafting through the Frankincense like a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds. As time has moved on you can smell the tobacco and a little leather.

    It's a stunning fragrance but imo it is so opulent that I could not wear as a everyday fragrance but just for special occasions.

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    Default Re: Tribute Attar question

    It is the most wonderful smelling fragrance in my wardrobe. Smokey rose, Frankincense, an oil that only needs a daub on each side of the neck. It projects like crazy, has wonderful sillage, doesn't last quite as long as I thought it would, but I get 6-7 hrs. I agree with Jack, It is not an everyday frag, I wear it on special occasions. It is outrageously expensive, BUT will last forever b/c you don't use much
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    Default Re: Tribute Attar question

    Tobacco - incense - spices - resins and a soft flower.

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    Thanks for the insight. I suspected it was a large and bold scent to be worn sparingly, and I looks like I was right.

    Thanks again!

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