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    Red face I have to make is smell "fizzy" help! ^-^;

    Hi there, everyone! ^-^

    I just signed up!, I want to start making my own perfume and such. I want to get good enough to sell my items online. I have a whole product line made up already, though I have yet to make a single scent of my own.

    That's where you guys come in! XD

    I was wonder if any of you know what ingredient(s) makes a body lotion/perfume smell "fizzy" I had the best of luck one day when I was in a Target store near my home where I bought the most amazing body lotion for my little sister for her birthday. It was called "Sunset Margarita" sold by a company named "Savour" I bought it over 2 years ago, and it still smells just as fizzy today as it did then! ^-^


    I have to be able to create that same smell for my products, I hope to have learned enough in the next 4 months to start really making my own things to sell.

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance!

    RainbowSpark! ^-<
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    Default Re: I have to make is smell "fizzy" help! ^-^;


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    Default Re: I have to make is smell "fizzy" help! ^-^;

    What's the matter? ^-^;

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    Default Re: I have to make is smell "fizzy" help! ^-^;

    If you want instant gratification, try a fragrance oil like Natures Garden "Mountain Dew". Its all the work done for you and all you have to do is add the oil to product. Smells very fizzy and like the real thing. I believe these online e-tailers use fragrance oils.

    If you are dead set on creating it from scratch, you will have a LOT to learn about aromachemicals first. There is no "fizz" accord and you will have to experiment with aldehydes and other materials.

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    Default Re: I have to make is smell "fizzy" help! ^-^;

    With or without the coconut, it has fizz...
    Good luck!

    Your'e welcome to visit my formulation blog, with a dozen of perfume formulations and accords to share!

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    Default Re: I have to make is smell "fizzy" help! ^-^;

    And there's loads of info. here:-

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    Default Re: I have to make is smell "fizzy" help! ^-^;

    Hi there! ^-^

    @L'eaulita, Thanks for your help, I'm a total "instant gratification" type! ^-^;

    @Jsparla, Thanks for wishing me luck!. Is this the ingredient that makes it fizzy? Aldehyde C18 I've heard that before from others, I had no idea how to make heads or tails of it. Also, can anyone get this or do you have to have a license?.

    @Lpp, Thanks so much for the link, this will help a lot!.

    Also, just for a bit of clarification: I don't want to exactly make the scent from scratch really, I would be fine using a formula that someone else made, if I could use it in my own products without copyright infringements and all. I should have explained myself better! ^-^;

    Thanks again everyone! ^-^

    RainbowSpark! ^-<

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