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Thread: male bar soap

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    Tamarind would be nice, or else other woody notes.

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    In my opinion, don't use any scented soap. Go with Ivory or Dove. They are cheap, scentless, work well and clean.

    Let your fragrance speak for itself.

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    L'Occitane lait or verbena. Can't go wrong.

    Bulgari Eau Parfumee au The Vert comes in an exceedingly high-quality soap and it's a highly economical way to wear the fragrance. There's also a white tea soap - not quite as good, but very nice nevertheless. A bit feminine, to some noses, but very, very nicely done.

    Clinique bar soap is unscented and is the epitome of quality.

    Honestly, most bar soap I use is Ivory, even though the texture of the bar and the packaging have been brought down to, in my opinion, banana republic standards.

    Probably in the hard-to-find category would be Prada's sublimely wonderful Infusion d'Homme.

    Le Labo, I believe, has soap versions of Bergamote 22 and Rose 31.

    Amouage Reflection Man, probably their best fragrance, comes in bar soap and if you're in the mood to spend an insane amount of money on a bar of soap, they're ready to help you.

    Lastly, and maybe least controversially, there is the old standby, Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte.

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    Mysore sandalwood soap.

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    second dr. branner's soap.

    mysore sandalwood soap? what brand?

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    Cusson's Imperial Leather

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    thank you all mates.... for your big helps....

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    I only use shower gel but Imperial Leather seems to be popular or perhaps the classic Irish Spring.

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    I use black & white soap for my face, neck and privates

    I then move to black soap

    Last I shower my entire body with Axe Dark Temptation

    My favorite gym soap is Coast

    Which I top off with Coast shower gel

    Coast has a very nice and clean scent, I used to use it when I was dating and had many many compliments....Chic proven!!
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