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    Default Annick Goutal - Tubereuse

    Not too much info on this one.

    How is it?

    Hows it compare and contrast to Beyond Love, Fracas & Carnal Flower?

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal - Tubereuse

    The only problem with this and most Goutals is longevity and silage, for me personally. I think Carnal Flower is better, due in part to better longevity, silage and strength of composition. However my personal favorite Tuberose scent is a fresh Tuberose - Creed Fleurissimo. It's a silage monster on some, but unfortunately, not on me.

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal - Tubereuse

    Nice bottle.
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    Default Re: Annick Goutal - Tubereuse

    Gave it a proper wearing. I sprayed a lot.

    First things first.

    It is the epitome of French perfumery. Need I say more?

    I will elaborate on projection.

    Wearing it is like flying a kite. Unless you make an effort to be aware of its presence at it, you will only know its there when a wind heaves the kite and you're notified pleasantly with soft nudges and pulls from the kite thread.
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