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    In France, I had the chance to try the new Goutal Eau de vetiver, Eau d'hadrien, and eau de neroli. These new eau have substituted the related standard masculines in France, and likely, they will do so elsewhere soon. They are supposed to be fresh eau de cologne type of scents, to refresh oneself in the summer.

    I only sprayed the last two on paper, so I cannot really compare. They smell very good and fresh, but I don't know how they compare on skin. I have tried the eau de vetiver more extensively. It is not a diluted version of the old vetiver, which was quite strong and rooty. It is a much fresher vetiver, with a good citrus note up top, and a very natural smell. It is perfect for the purpose for which it is sold, and makes an excellent scent for the heat or the gym. It will appeal to those who like fresh scents but don't like the rootiness and depth of certain vetivers.

    But, as said, it is no substitute for the old perfume, so if one likes it a lot, it's time to stock up. It is not being produced anymore.

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    Have a bottle of the original Vetiver, so not worried with that. Thanks for this info. Will look to check these out when in Paris in July, and if I don't have the chance will catch them when they make it to US shores.

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    Really, they're discontinuing the others like Vetiver, Myrrh Ardente, Encens Flamboyant?

    I may have to pick up th Vetiver then.

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    got the samples two days ago while shopping and they open great for the first 5 mins. then turn into nothing..they are colognes, anyway..also the last formulations of perfumes were very inconsistent on me!

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    No, I don't think they are discontinuing their masculines. Just the three for which they have created the eau de cologne, that is, vetiver, eau d'hadrien, and neroli - simply, they have been reformulated and will be marketed in the new bottle and concentration. (to be fair, I'm only sure of vetiver, but I didn't see any old eau d'hadrien bottle either, so I suspect that the edc will be what is sold now under that name). In the case of eau d'hadrien, it is simply an acknowledgement that the old is lost and all that can be done is a freshener.

    The other masculines, as far as I know, should still be available. But yes, it's time to pick the old vetiver up.


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    Reformulations are always sad news,
    Thank you for the heads up.

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    To their credit, they reformulated, changed the names and bottles, and discontinued the old stuff. So at least it's clear what they are doing.


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