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  • Atelier Cologne - Oolang Infini

    7 6.42%
  • Bulgari - Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert

    10 9.17%
  • CB I Hate Perfume - Russian Caravan Tea

    2 1.83%
  • Comme des Garcons - Tea

    3 2.75%
  • Costume National - Scent Intense

    0 0%
  • Creed - Silver Mountain Water

    11 10.09%
  • Dior - Escale à Pondichéry

    2 1.83%
  • Etro - Palais Jamais

    4 3.67%
  • Fragonard - Concerto

    0 0%
  • Gucci - Pour Homme II

    40 36.70%
  • Hermès - Osmanthe Yunnan

    2 1.83%
  • Jacques Fath - Yang

    5 4.59%
  • L'Artisan Parfumeur - Tea for Two

    32 29.36%
  • Loewe - Agua de Loewe

    1 0.92%
  • Lorenzo Villoresi - Yerbamate

    2 1.83%
  • Parfumerie Générale - Hyperessence Matale

    0 0%
  • Roger & Gallet - Thé Vert

    1 0.92%
  • Serge Lutens - Five O'Clock au Gingembre

    6 5.50%
  • Yves Rocher - Tel Quel

    0 0%
  • Other

    10 9.17%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Quote Originally Posted by aphexacid View Post
    Say what?
    It seems that it is only available to European customers... Silly fragrance industry and their limited distribution.
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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Last edited by Trauerkraut; 12th May 2013 at 12:11 PM.
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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Lorenzo Villoresi - Yerbamate

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Quote Originally Posted by L'Homme Blanc Individuel View Post
    I love Gucci Pour Homme II. I'm actually dying to smell Murdoch's black tea, but I haven't found anyplace that has samples.

    Got mine from BNbaldini on crystal flacon boards. Great scent!

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?


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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    I drink tea instead of water everyday so I'm in love with the smell of tea

    My black tea of choice is Harmatan Noir By PG, the tea note is quite similar to the one used in T42 but instead of being warm and spicy, this one is minty and very cold

    I've yet to find a green tea scent that I really like

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    I'm a fan of green tea, not too keen on black tea.

    So my vote goes to Yang. I also like Roger & Gallet The Vert.
    Current top 5:
    1. Roja UAE
    2. Sospiro Vivace
    2. SHL Generation Homme
    3. ELDO Rien
    4. Brioni EDT
    5. FM French Lover

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Quote Originally Posted by Attila View Post
    Tea for Three
    Uhm... what? Is that what happens when you wear TF2 to a party and go home with two women? Yowza.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Renato View Post
    Your list is missing Bvlgari Black and Annick Goutal's Duel.

    Silver Mountain Water is a tea scent? It has some tea in it, but that's the last way I'd describe it.

    My vote is for Yang.
    Is Yang still available anywhere? All I ever see is Yang 2, which I assume is entirely different.

    Duel: one of the main notes is... Holly? Huh. I dated a Holly once. I don't remember her smelling particularly good. I'm not saying she smelled bad... but... well... she wasn't exactly noteworthy. Perhaps Annick Goutal thinks otherwise.

    Interestingly (or not?) I don't smell any tea in Bvlgari Black, though I realize that tea is part of what combines to make up the rubber note. Bvlgari Black is something anyone who likes dark scents should own since it can be had for as little as $25 online. Thumbs way up on that recommendation.
    Current Favorites (in no particular order)
    Rose 31
    Aqua Universalis
    Prada L'Homme
    Royal Water
    Petit Matin
    1725 Casanova
    Noir De Noir
    Royal Oud
    Hanae Mori H.M. EDT
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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Im a big fan of GPHII. Might be my favorite scent that I've smelt so far.

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Thanks for participating, everybody. For a long time, Gucci pH II looked like a clear winner, but Tea for Two has almost caught up with it by now, the two of them running far ahead of all the other contenders. Further down, Silver Mountain Water is in 3rd position just ahead of Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert. At the other end of the scale, five fragrances have yet to score a single vote. Very interesting!
    Thanks again, guys - and do feel free to go on voting. The poll stays open!

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    My belated votes: from this list, Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert, Gucci PH II and Agua de Loewe are among my favorites.

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    I voted Gucci PH II for sentimental reasons (and because it is a great fragrance) . SMW is a close second and one that I simply do not wear enough.
    Current Top Ten:
    1) Polo Crest
    2) Chypre Palatin
    3) 34 Boulevard Saint Germain
    4) One Man Show Gold Edition
    5) Kouros (Vintage)
    6) Mamluk
    7) Tobacco Vanille
    8) Interlude Man
    9) More than Words
    10) Ungaro II (Vintage)

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    I am a fan of Tea for Two but not for any tea note. To me (and noted by others when I wear it) Tea for Two projects a nearly palpable tobacco smoke note.
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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Has to be gucci ii

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    cdg tea,,,,from the leaves black tea note with smokiness

    buglari pour home soir
    14 sprays of DRAKKAR NOIR should do it

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Still tea for two for me!
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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Gucci Pour Homme II...Usually buck the trend, but not in this case. II is a flat out masterpiece.
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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Oolong Infini by Atelier Cologne

    Cumberland Ti by Liz Zorn
    "The sunset is deeper and longer. The scent of the jasmine is stronger." Miracles. Pet Shop Boys

    "Thick dome of jasmine
    (Under the dense canopy where the white jasmine),
    Blends with the rose,
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    "The Flower Duet," Lakme by Leo Delibes, 1881

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Another vote for Creed's Silver Mountain Water. my personal favorite Creed.

    I am entranced by Murdock's Black Tea though and it runs a close second. Thanks in part to my nephew bringing this over the pond to me.

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    Murdock's Black tea is simply the best out there....
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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    GPH II gets my vote. Now if they would just release an extreme version....

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    People seem to like GPH II a lot. All I have is a mini of the stuff I must admit, but my impression's been that Tea for Two has considerably more punch to it, spray for spray.

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    I voted for GPHII and SMW.

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    L'Artisan Parfumeur Coeur de Vetiver Sacre.

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    Default Re: Your favorite tea?

    ✔️Another one for Tea 4-2
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