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    Default Hello.

    Top of the morning to all you ladies,

    Ive recently come across a collection of perfumes acquired
    over 40 years and have an option of buying them, I do suspect
    quite a few of them would be intended for use by women

    I would be obliged If anyone of you'll could ID them and let me
    know if they are worth acquiring.

    I Shall post a link to the original thread in the MFD board.

    Thank you for all your time,
    Have an extremely nice day,
    Takes a Bow*

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    Default Re: Hello.

    Seems like the owner had a rather "everything goes" taste, or liked to shop Goodwill stores. I see a lot of minis ($0-20 each), older Avons (not very valuable) and a few popular/department store fragrances. Worth of collection is about $200, IMO. Some items are totally worthless. I realize it is almost impossible to photograph each individual bottle, therefore it is hard to say what they are.
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    Default Hello ...

    ... is it me you're looking for?

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