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    Default Re: One comment ruined my nose!

    It's happened to me a few times, but only when the casual comment turns out to be true (to my nose). In many other cases, I've disagreed, so no harm done.

    One was with Bois Farine. Bought a bottle and liked it until someone said it smells like peanut butter. That was that.

    Another was Mona di Orio's Cuir. Didn't buy it but someone said it smells like chorizo and that put me off.

    And when someone mentioned that grapefruit can smell a lot like armpits it totally ruined Guerlain AA Pamplelune.

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    Default Re: One comment ruined my nose!

    This has happened to me a few times.. some for good, some for bad.

    In fact, I do not read negative reviews about a fragrance that I already have so as to avoid ruining my own [good] perception of that one fragrance.

    Likewise, hoping to change my opinion about a fragrance I have and dislike, I usually search for positive reviews about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trex57 View Post
    Thanks to Blood Concept I'm right off any fragrance with "tomato leaf accord". Its nauseating and if its in a frag. it jumps right out at me.
    Ha! Yeah, they really did a number on that note. If you get chance, try Aedes' version of it (their EdP) -- it's much fresher and quite prominent, and could serve to erase the bad experience.

    Here's my contribution. I've always loved PG's L'Ombre Fauve, and have never quite figured out how it does what it does (that weird furry aspect). One friend mentioned to me that it had a milky quality on his skin -- but that never really occurred to me, and then I read someone who said there was a prominent caramel note in it. Now, all I can smell is that caramel note -- and I despise most gourmands so it's kind of killing it for me!
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    Default Re: One comment ruined my nose!

    Your nose is fine. Just that your mental association with a particular note has been altered. The good thing is it can be reset. Try reading more positive reviews of Fat Electrician and revisit it in a few weeks.
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    Default Re: One comment ruined my nose!

    This has happened to me before, they say scents are connected with memories and now I don't wear a lot of the same colognes I used to. I think taking a break from a certain scent realy helps though.

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    Default Re: One comment ruined my nose!

    My niece commented that C&S No.88 smells like the back of a Trailways bus (interior).
    I still like it, but not quite as much. Sometimes I use an essential oil like Laurel from Floracopeia (mixed with unscented lotion) as a base to freshen it up.
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    Default Re: One comment ruined my nose!

    You've lost all things vetiver.

    Vetiver is distinct in smell.

    If you can't rid your association of it then you're done for good.
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