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    Default Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    I know most of you will say my olfactory sense needs to be resetted by yesterday is was to buy some zino vintage and after a try decided i could not spot differences with the version I have, I was asking myself is this reformulation issue here hasn't become in some cases a bit of an hysterical issue?

    same goes for Moniseur de Givenchy the reformulated version is one per cent toned down so no real difference, IMO!,
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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    I have a bottle of current and a bottle of vintage formulation of Zino. I must say i can't really notice any difference. In some other cases there really are differences, but not with Zino. - OR my nose is not so trained that it should be to be able to tell the difference.
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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    Good to to know, thanks for sharing the info. I too am planning to get this fragrance, but as it is quite common here on BN, was asking myself as to how much reformulations may affected Zino.

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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    I can't tell a difference and if there are any they're minute.

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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    Would you say you are good at detecting sandalwood notes?

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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    I'd be very happy to hear these words that reformulation has not ruined one of good scents and we can still have the pleasure to experience great scents that our dads used to.
    But my Zino does not last more than 3 hours with effective projection! What a pitty...
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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    I'm not familiar with the vintage juice so I can't compare. There may be longevity/projection issues though. So I've read.

    Zino (current juice) smells just wonderful but I have to agree it doesn't last/project as much as I would like [or as much as people say it did with the vintage juice).

    Digressing a bit, I find Zino so good that I would love to see reformulations of all kinds on this one (keeping the original available), like variations on a theme. Flankers maybe, adding or deleting some notes, tweaking notes, or a super high quality niche version.

    PS: Zino is not low quality to me anyway...
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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    Have never noticed any differences in releases of this.

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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    I own the vintage that' s a masterpiece, in the reformulated version the longevity is very poor but it is yet a very good scent.
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    Default Re: Zino vs Zino reformulated!

    Well many of us will disagree completely with your assessment of Givenchy Gentleman.
    It may well smell "similar" to the vintage but the richness that made it so special has gone from the reformulation (in my and other people's view)
    I can't comment on Zino.

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