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    Question VS Hazelnut Truffle fragrance/scent

    I am looking for a fragrance similar to Victoria Secret's (discontinued) Hazelnut Truffle scent. I tried the lotion years ago and absolutely fell in love with it. So I am looking for something just as yummy and smooth, but with no sickly, heavy, sharp or synthetic notes. ( And please *NO* patchouli. )

    Any recommendations? ( Thank you! )

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    Default Re: VS Hazelnut Truffle fragrance/scent

    I am not doing it any more, thanks. In every of your 13 posts you were looking for something "sweet, soft, dewy, boozy, yummy, warm, fruity (blueberries, strawberries, apple-pie), rosey, jammy, egg-noggy, nutty, custardy, etc." and got about 200 recommendations. Have you tried any of these besides Victoria Secret? If so, please let us know or update your Tested section in the Wardrobe.

    End of vent.
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