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    Default Decants and samples: Agar Aura oud/muhkallat, GF Trumper, T&H


    Some fragrances I'd like to swap:


    • Agar Aura oud and muhkallat samples; officially 0.2g each but I think some vials may have leaked a bit in transit, I can provide photos. Each of these is no longer in production: Idaina Dento, Al-Arabiya, Khashab, Oud Chypre, Oud Kampuchea, Bhavana, Borneo Symphony
    • Chanel Coco Noir, official sample
    • GF Trumpers, all from Barclay Crocker: Ajaccio Violets, Astor, Bay Rum, Curzon, Eau de Quinine, Portgal, Sandalwood, Skye, Spanish Leather. Mostly just smelled, some had a light application.
    • Truefitt & Hill, all from Barclay Crocker: Clubman, Freshman, Spanish Leather, Trafalgar.

    Check out my to try list for things I may be interested in, but feel free to make an offer.
    One item not on the list is Guerlain Heritage EdP which I am particularly interested in trying.


    NOTE: If you are interested in the oud, you must have positive feedback from other members first. As you know, those are no longer available.
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    Default Re: Decants and samples: PdN New York, Santal 33, Coco, GF Trumper, T&H

    Added Santal 33

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    Default Re: Decants and samples: PdN New York, Santal 33, Coco, GF Trumper, T&H

    PM sent

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