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Thread: Pea Coats.

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    During these cold wintry months I like nothing better than wearing my black wool Royal Navy pea coat,it gives you a big outline with broad shoulders.
    Black cotton work trousers,black boots,black V neck T-shirt, 3 days "growth" on my face and the aforementioned double breasted pea coat,with the big collar turned up,it HAS to be turned up.Women love men in big winter coats I have even had them come up to me and ask where I got it/what make is it.It's the best investment I have ever made.Do yourself a favour lads and get one,NOW.
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    Now you have peeked my curiosity. I need to explore this more. Thanks Sam for sharing.

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    This is mine from HACKETT

    Have I told you about the scent of jasmine? Have I spoken about the smell of the sea? The earth is scented. And I perfume myself to enhance what I am. That's why I can not wear a perfume that bothers me. Perfuming is an instinctive wisdom. And like all art, it requires some knowledge of yourself..."
    Clarice Lispector ( 1920-1977) - Perfumes da Terra / Earth

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    I was considering adding a double breasted coat to the wardrobe.

    On the other hand, they are a little bit old fashioned. Still on the fence.

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