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    Default [UK] Creed Aventus


    After shipping out my first split (Creed GIT), I would like to run another split; this time for Creed Aventus.

    500ml bottle = 372EUR - works out about 300 (after paypal currency conversion).

    50ml = 39 delivered
    100ml = 72 delivered

    Please note that they will be in 50ml atomizers, so if you order 100ml you will receive 2x 50ml bottles.

    You can send the money via PayPal goods/services for protection and I will cover the charges.

    I would like to keep 100ml for myself.

    BATCH INFO: The retailer has told me that the batch they just received on delivery for 500ml flacons is


    Current status: All splits have been shipped. Thank you very much for participating and I hope you enjoy your new Aventus!

    1. jryans10 = 100ml

    2. jonnyv = 100ml
    [PAID] => SHIPPED 05 FEB.
    3. Liam1 = 50ml
    [PAID]=> SHIPPED 06 FEB.
    4. 61824 = 100ml
    [PAID] => SHIPPED 05 FEB.
    5. HDD8 = 50ml
    [PAID] => SHIPPED 06 FEB.
    6. Ziggys = 50ml [PAID] => SHIPPED 06 FEB.
    7. lounger = 50ml [PAID] => SHIPPED 06 FEB.

    Please send me a private message or reply to this thread to join.

    UK participants only please due to international shipping restrictions.

    Thank you very much.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Changed from Virgin Island Water to Aventus due to lack of interest and the retailer getting in touch telling me that they just received delivery of some 500ml Aventus flacons.
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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    are you talking about the 250ml Flacon ? you mention a 500ml flacon for 300 and list 5 slots open.

    put me down for 100ml at 72 delivered please.

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Are you sure about this price? Harrods lists the flacon at 490/500mL...
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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus


    I am talking about the 500ml flacon (I will add more slots as we go). I am sure about the price, I get it from a trusted retailer in France who ship to the UK. I have used them for my Creed fragrances and as others say (even on this forum), they are very good and trustworthy. I have used them before for my Green Irish Tweed split on here and they have been excellent as always. Creed fragrances in France are cheaper than here in the UK (I presume because they are made there).

    Thank you
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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    100ml please.

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Thank you for participating - I have 150ml still available.

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    I wish you can send it to my country aka Turkey And I am curious about critics of your batch

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    All slots are now full, I will send a PM to all participants shortly requesting payment.
    Please pay ASAP to reduce delays for other members.

    Thank you all very much for participating.

    - - - Updated - - -

    PM now sent to members requesting payment.

    Thank you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    All payments have now been received and I will put the order through for the flacon now. Thank you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Flacon + supplies ordered.
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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Hi if available I would like to purchase a 500ml flacon

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Hi everyone

    All splits have now been posted this morning first class. I will send you all a pm with tracking numbers when I get home.

    Thank you all very much for your participation and enjoy your new Aventus!


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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Hi John,

    Just cleared my inbox. Please resend the tracking number.


    - - - Updated - - -

    Just received my portion of the split. It has arrived this morning with excellent packaging. Great communication throughout the process. Please keep us informed about the future spilts... would love to join in.

    Well done jryans10 excellent service...

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Got my delivery today. Well packaged and smelling great thanks.

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Received mine today as well. Top notch product and service. Thank you!

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    This is how splits should be !

    From my post on the 31st Jan being the first to sign up to the split (100ml) to receiving my 100ml Aventus took 5 days !!

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Thank you all so much for your kind words, I'm glad that you are happy with your split and want to thank you all for taking part.

    I will definitely be doing more splits in the future, keep your eyes pealed! Thank you once again.

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    Default Re: [UK] Creed Aventus

    Since the split is completed I am closing the thread on the request of the OP.
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