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    Default INDULT is back - "Tihota"

    Elena Vosnaki, in her website PERFUME SHRINE, published this article on October 25, 2013. Concerning the re-issue of the house of INDULT.

    OMG, I was hooked on a whiff of "Tihota" when we talked about copies over at Fragrantica. Among other dupes, there was one supposed to closely resemble the vanilla laden scent of "Tihota". What would the original smell like? Alas, there were only a series of bottles, limited edition, and none available now.

    So, I am going to follow that re-issue of the house with interest.

    The article provides a few nested links for more details.

    Update -
    I have meanwhile ordered a sample of "Tihota" from LUCKYSCENT. One sample seemed too small an order, so I ordered "Trayee" from Neila Vermeere as well.
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    Default Re: INDULT is back - "Tihota"

    From a brief assessment of Indult's line, I recall Reve en Cuir being the most interesting. But while Reve en Cuir is good in that the idea therein is interesting, i.e., put Feminite du Bois and a popcorn-like leather-amber chord together and hope for the best, it is simply too thin and apologetic to be worth buying. Let's hope someone will revisit this idea and do it with gusto.

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    Default Re: INDULT is back - "Tihota"

    I love Tihota and immediately ordered a new bottle. Very excited about this re-release.

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    Default Re: INDULT is back - "Tihota"

    Wonderful news- LOVE Tihota.
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    Default Re: INDULT is back - "Tihota"

    Quote Originally Posted by Mimi Gardenia View Post
    Wonderful news- LOVE Tihota.
    Ohhh Mimi if only you knew that your one of the reasons why Tihota is back!

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    Default Re: INDULT is back - "Tihota"

    Any idea which basenoter owns the house of Indult?

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    Default Re: INDULT is back - "Tihota"

    I have been out of the loop for so long. Who owns Indult now?
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    Default Re: INDULT is back - "Tihota"

    Maybe it's the guy above JiveHippo's post (kccparis)? Sounds like his post is a statement... and he's in Paris...

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