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    Default Home Fragrance for Body?

    I know it sounds really gross, but is there a home fragrance that smells so good that you would use it on your body?

    I ask this question because recently I saw a bottle of Voluspa home scent/body mist at a store, and I guess the label suggested that you could use it as a fragrance?

    I also read from somewhere that Le Labo's Santal 33 perfume originally started as a home fragrance. Many people thought it smelled really good and the company turned it into a perfume. I smelled the home fragrance version at their boutique and I thought it smelled exactly like the perfume. In fact, I like their Fig home scent so much that I am tempted to use it as a perfume.

    Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Home Fragrance for Body?

    The only home spray that I would ever personally consider as a possible body spray would be Diptyque's John Galliano Essence because it smells so good IMO. Used it often as a home spray.
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    Default Re: Home Fragrance for Body?


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    Default Re: Home Fragrance for Body?

    There's a lovely Amouage room spray called First Rose which might work, but I've never actually tried as yet - maybe tomorrow!

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    Default Re: Home Fragrance for Body?

    I'd worry about allergies with using a home spray on my skin. The base formulation could be really different as it's planned to be used on fabric without marking it as against being used on skin.
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    Default Re: Home Fragrance for Body?

    sfmedusa, that's an excellent point!

    A lot of niche perfume houses candles and home scents are so expensive that they cost more than designer's perfumes - I hope that they are using some very good ingredients, good enough to be used on the body

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    Default Re: Home Fragrance for Body?

    In my opinion alone, certain room sprays by Glade would be great if turned into fragrances. By keeping the SAME scent, but making it usable, skin-friendly, non-allergenic and, of course, long lasting enough as EDT, body spray etc.

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    Default Re: Home Fragrance for Body?

    Probably not.
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    Default Re: Home Fragrance for Body?

    I've used Annick Goutal Noel and Costes Signature room sprays on myself to good effect.

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