From one who is totally besotted with Femme, such that if I had to choose just one perfume for the desert island, it may well be that, I would like some information from those in the know. Does anyone have La Rose and how does it relate to Femme? There is virtually nothing on the net about this almost forgotten gem. The only review I read seemed to reference Femme and suggest there is a family relationship between the two.

I am not able to justify blind buys these days and anyway, the range of things that can be shipped to Australia is shrinking day by day. Boy, do I ever treasure the mad spending spree of the last few years. Where I was about to sell quite a few of my vintage treasures, I'm having second thoughts about them. I'm definitely not breaking up my Ma Collection. It's amazing how rare these things have become and how horribly expensive, if and when you can find them. Even the ones I thought I didn't particularly care for, like Adieu Sargesse and Que sais Je?, are beginning to appeal much more, now that they have become rarities. The rich ingredients, the deft touch of Henri Almeras and the subtlety of the Patou product is beginning to sink deep into the consciousness.

However, even in my current sensible state, I'm still occasionally intrigued and curious about a new perfume, such as La Rose.