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    Default Re: Royal Oud to be discontinued?

    ^ lol

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    Default Re: Royal Oud to be discontinued?

    Quote Originally Posted by Igor01 View Post
    My local Creed rep told me that not only they use "rare and precious oud" in RO, but also "help local villagers in remote rural communities in India" while doing that.

    Very nice! (in Borat's voice) And mighty helpful of them to mention "oud" right on the label, otherwise you'd never know just by smelling RO
    Excellent Igor! Finally, a laugh after a bad day. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Royal Oud to be discontinued?

    Glad I made you laugh, Eric I should say that even though the idyllic depiction of "entire communities being able to sustain and continue their traditional lifestyle" (that for centuries apparently consisted of hauling aluminium canisters stamped "Oud Synthetic 10760 E" straight out of the ancient Assamese jungle) cracked me up, we ended up having a nice chat with the Creed rep and he loved a couple of pure oud oils I had in my oud essentials EDC (everyday carry) kit.

    I doubt RO is selling very well, even with all the manufactured mystique and creative marketing fairytales. It's still a very niche product, far less versatile and appealing to the general public than Creed's staple men's offerings. I see RO at local discount stores all the time priced about $80 less than Aventus, so it's probably not exactly flying off the shelves. But I would be surprised if they killed it off completely - after all these days any self-respecting house is obligated to carry one (or a dozen, heeheee...) "oud" fragrance and Creed still sells many that smell antiquated today. I am sure they'll continue carrying it, or as someone above suggested - declare it "returned to the vault" lamenting the scarcity and un-attainability of oud only to "reluctantly" offer it a few years later in a "limited" quantity, in silly crystal flacons at an appropriately ridiculous price.

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    Default Re: Royal Oud to be discontinued?

    Glad to hear it will still be around since it's quite well liked on here. I enjoyed it, but got very poor longevity.

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    Default Re: Royal Oud to be discontinued?

    Quote Originally Posted by vinramani09 View Post
    That interview was in reference to the Bergamot and Birch in Aventus, which has to be altered because of IFRA regulations.
    Um... Aventus reformulation? ... x_x

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    Default Re: Royal Oud to be discontinued?

    I doubt Royal Oud is selling well, but it doesn't have to sell well. I'm not a Creed Fanboy, but I have a ton of experience with building and maintaining a brand identity, and I have to say that Creed really does an excellent job with their branding. Common sense says that if a product isn't selling well, it'll be discontinued. But you have to think beyond that sort of simplicity when maintaining a successful brand identity - especially with a brand like Creed that makes a majority of their profit from a few mainstream scents. They stay firmly in the niche market by having a catalogue of lower selling niche scents. In my opinion, Aventus is a brilliantly crafted mainstream scent. I don't mean that as a slam. If it were sold at $72 and sold at Macy's and Sephora, it would fly off the shelves. It's been a huge success even at its price point, but if Creed started making more scents like it, they'd damage their brand. Why? ...because Creed's customer base would think Creed is going mainstream.

    A huge part of the reason Creed can release a mainstream scent like Aventus, MI or GIT without their customers thinking they're going mainstream is that they also release more challenging scents like Royal Oud that appeal to those of us who can appreciate them. Royal Oud may not sell well in comparison to Creed's more high profile scents, but it doesn't have to. Creed releases scents like Royal Oud in order to maintain their niche cred, so to speak. It's branding, and it's brilliant.

    See also, 1849, which dammmmmit, I still have yet to get my nose on (though that's probably for the best since it's some really pricey juice!)
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