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    Default Fragrance closest to L'Occitane's vetiver wood soap

    Does anyone know of a perfume equivalent of L'Occitane's Vetiver Wood soap?

    Hint - it's not their Vetyver EDT, which is much fresher. The soap is a very deep and warm vetiver with cedar, sandalwood and some nice musks in the "dry down" and its quite persistent. You probably have to have used the soap to know what I mean. Our morning showers here perfume the whole upstairs floor. The closest I've tried is probably Etro's Vetiver but I'd love other suggestions.

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    I guess you have to be a vetiver-head and know the soap to be able to help me out...

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    Default Re: Fragrance closest to L'Occitane's vetiver wood soap

    I do need a new soap and use bar soap (lasts longer!), so I may just have to buy one!

    But as far as recommendations go, you seem to be looking for woody and leather fragrances as well. Try:

    Chanel Egoiste
    Givenchy Gentleman
    Polo Green
    Azzaro Pour Homme

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