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    Default Dior Homme - similar?

    Ok I'm a huge fan of Dior Homme. I know it gets considered a feminine leaning scent by some which I have no problem with. Well I've exhausted most unisex/male marketed fragrances that are in the DH genre. I'm not looking for a clone but something that is similar to add to my Dior Homme. I didn't think Divine Coeur was nearly as good. I will try Paul Smith Man.

    The question is: Are there scents that are female marketed that would be good for someone who likes DH?

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    Obviously Dior homme intense. But sometimes when I wear Armani Eau de Nuit I get brief whiffs of homme.

    Edit: also shalimar
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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    VC&A Midnight in Paris
    Weil So Weil

    If you're looking for female frags, I find Flowerbomb, and Shalimar Parfum Initial to be somewhat similar.

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    Quote Originally Posted by JiveHippo View Post
    VC&A Midnight in Paris
    Thats a good one. The EDP.

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    I think you should look at Cuir Ottoman by Parfum d'Empire.

    If you like Dior Homme, this is an excellent alternative.

    I just wrote up a lengthy thread about this before everything got erased, so I'm not going to go crazy, but to summarize it, Cuir Ottoman opens with a sweet iris and healthy dose of leather (but the leather isn't harsh or animalic, it's like very smooth, soft leather of a new jacket or pair of shoes, almost like suede with a bit of a plasticky feel). The iris is made sweet by supporting florals and it's not "makeup" like as in Dior Homme. All of this seems to melt seamlessly into a lush base of vanilla, benzoin, and tolu balsam--extremely comforting and easy to wear. Finally, the iris sort of reemerges on the back end, this time exhibiting the "makeup" or "lipstick" quality that was absent when it first appeared.

    Overall, it's a great leather fragrance--balanced and very well-composed. It reminds me of a smoother, more sophisticated Dior Homme and I think the two fragrances compliment each other well. Of the two, I prefer Cuir Ottoman, but that's just my personal feeling. I was very impressed with its structure and the transition from the top to base. The sillage in the opening stage--when the light, sweet floral iris note blends with the leather is beautiful. And yes, it's definitely unisex, maybe even leaning a little bit on the masculine side, the same as Dior Homme.

    Check it out!

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    Cuir Ottoman is a nice compliment and wonderful alternative for Dior Homme although different as mentioned.
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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    THank you for the suggestions.

    I had MIP and enjoy it very much! Same with DHI. Both are in my top 10.

    I tried Cuir Ottoman previously and thought it was too much leather. Maybe just initial impression. I still have that decant and will give it another chance. I am not a leather fan. It must be the cocoa and iris in DH that I like most.

    Have never tried the Weil or Armani. Will look into those. The Shalimar Parfum Initial I sampled and liked it, but for whatever reason wasn't for me. May have to retry it.

    Thanks! More suggestions please!

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    NeroUno by Montegrappa smells a lot like Dior Homme, but with like a gasoline type note as well. Really good underrated stuff.. lasts forever too.
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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    Supposedly Carner Barcelona D600 smells like DH, but I've never tried it.

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    I have D600. It's nice, it's powdery, its similar to DHI but I prefer DH and DHI more. D600 has more of a spicy thing going on. It contains cardamom so it must be that.

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    I honestly find the original Dior Homme pretty original. Leather, Iris, ginger. Great combination.

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    I don't get ginger. Besides Superdry Dry Oil is quite a copy of DH.

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    Quote Originally Posted by nonsisa View Post
    I don't get ginger. Besides Superdry Dry Oil is quite a copy of DH.
    Cannot find where this is available in USA.
    Sounds very interesting!

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    Atelier Silver Iris
    Not the same but has the Iris thing going for it

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    Think JH got it right with MIP.

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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    MIP EDP alike maybe a little on the vanilla note, besides that I say DH and DHI are very distinctive and hard to get alike scents and cause blend is very unique done , like some other well like frags, but this IRIs is done exquisitely sexy ...
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    Default Re: Dior Homme - similar?

    +1 on Shalimar Parfum Initial. Close but much more interesting...

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