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    Post 真Up to Top from base??


    I would to know if it's possible to up for example Francisquense Somalia to Top note? It's posible? I would to smell in the into of a perfume a mix of francisquense and lemon. Maybe put more franciskense in the mix?

    Probably is a idiot question but I would to know it.


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    As far as I am aware Frankincense (AKA Olibanum) Oil Is a top note. What is the problem?

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    What??? I bought frankincense somalia in Perfummers Apprentice and they classify in base note!

    This is truth?? Where can I find one list with the classification of all EO?

    And if Frankincense is top note, can up to top note for example sandalwood or any base, medium note??

    Thanks David!

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    Most of the frankincense oils I've had have consisted of mostly top/middle notes. But, as has been discussed here before, it depends how the material was distilled. Resinoids, absolutes, tinctures and maybe CO2s will probably have more base note elements.

    Easiest way to tell: smell.

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    I have a CO2 serrata that has some base notes to it, the base notes are dusty and woody compared to the top and middle which are more resinous and medicinal and somewhat citrusy. I've made tinctured smoke and resin tincture and they have quite a bit more base although the resin can feel sticky/filmy on the skin so you wouldn't want to use too much of it. Each oil, extract and tincture has it's own qualities.

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    And, how can I elevate a base note to top note? It's possible?

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    It is very difficult to classify any Essential Oil as Top, Middle or Base, because each Oil will contain many chemicals (sometimes hundreds) each of which will be evaporating at its own rate. However, if the majority of chemicals in a specific Oil are classified as, for example, top Note then you can classify the Oil as the same. Olibanum Oil is a Top Note material, although you will be able to smell something after a couple of days on a smelling strip. Ditto a CO2 extract (I have always found CO2 extracts to be even more toppy than the standard equivalent). Olibanum resin or Absolute will be more of a Middle to Back note.

    I'm not sure what you mean by asking how may a Base note be made into a Top Note. Top, Middle and Base are simply measurements of evaporation rate. In a mixture (I.e. a Perfume) there will be a mixture of these notes. We tend to smell the Top Notes most strongly, and as these evaporate, so the MIddle Notes become stronger, and so n down to the Base notes. However, it is often possible to detect, even Base Notes at the opening of a Perfume, and most definitely one can detect their influence. It is the same when painting a picture and using paints of different transparency. An opaque paint is fir put down, then glazes a put over it. We can still see the opaque layer, and its effect on the glaze. The difference between the colours and the smells, is that the colours do not go away, the smells do. Sandalwood is a Base note (It will last for weeks if not longer on a smelling strip) but its influence will be notable from the opening of the fragrance. If you want to have a detectable Sandalwood Top note it will be necessary to use either very strong Sandalwood chemicals (such as Javanol) or use chemicals which mimic an aspect of Sandalwood, and which are Top Notes (such as Sulfurol).

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    Many Frankincense oils have a lot of limonene in them, which is definitely a topnote. Often those are the ones that people like a lot more than others.

    While Frank can have a lot of topnotes, the issue for Frank is the distillation time. The light molecules come over first, making it a topnote oil. The longer the frank is allowed to distill, more of the bottom heavier molecules come over. But also the return for the investment in fuel and cost of your production goes up, because the yield of these heavier molecules is much less than the lighter molecules.

    This is why we often get a lot of top heavy Frank in our purchases now.
    And unless you are working with a distiller directly, most likely you'll have a hard time getting one of these bottom heavier oils.

    Paul Kiler
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    Thanks boys for your time and your wisdom!

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