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    Default Kenzo Ca Sent Beau - EDT or EDP ?

    Hi ladies,

    I've just read the Tania Sanchez review of this fragrance, and I'd like to buy this for my wife. I've noticed on eBay that you can buy an EDP and also EDT.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has tried both, and if you could offer your opinions.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Ca Sent Beau - EDT or EDP ?

    It is a difficult fragrance to pull, in all honesty. Please try to get a sample and do not buy a FB blind, no matter what concentration.

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    Default Re: Kenzo Ca Sent Beau - EDT or EDP ?

    I have only smelled one in a store in Europe, I forgot which one, I think the current edt, so I cannot compare. TS's description gave me the wrong impression, I was thinking something classical barbershoppy (as a fougere), but what I smelled was not, it was very modern in style, full of clean musks, with a touch of sweet, but not like a modern fruity floral.


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    Default Re: Kenzo Ca Sent Beau - EDT or EDP ?

    Thanks Twolf and cacio.

    Well, despite your sage advice Twolf, I bought a 50ml bottle of the EDT. They don't come up often in Australia, so I couldn't resist. $80 AUD brand new and sealed. You are right - it is weird. But I've only tried it once, so early days yet.

    Cacio, it smells like a very weird flower - that's all I can say. Will report back once I've "road tested" it some more.


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