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Thread: Crave by CK

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    Default Crave by CK

    I think that is an underrated juice.. i at first felt was a delicious fragrance for me when it turned out although it's discontinued and rare now. I was quite fancy about the plastic bottling yet the juice felt fresh citrusy and pleasant to me. It was kind of love at first smell. I'm happy i have it while it always worked good on my skin. Anyone also liked?
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    Default Re: Crave by CK

    I think this Crave was quite nice as well. It is not something I would wear at the moment, other than to remember times gone by. But I still think it is a worthy scent, particularly for those who just like a nice pleasant sport scent to enjoy for the day and nothing too fussy.
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    Default Re: Crave by CK

    I agree - I bought a bottle, and I won't give it up. I have not worn it in years, but I think it's an excellent fragrance. I find that a light hand helps a lot. Too strong and it's a bit synthetic, but very lightly applied, and it's wonderful.

    I got into this one because Fragrancenet sent me a sample, and it just clicked immediately. From what I understand, however, it was one of Calvin Klein's biggest marketing debacles. A complete dud after launch, it was pulled early, but apparently they got it to the discounters. I think there is a nice article about this online somewhere.

    Can't find the article, but found this cool wallpaper!

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    PS - this popped out of the BN time machine on Google, too....
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    Default Re: Crave by CK

    It is permanently included in the local E Bay's offerings.

    The reason behind this?

    A. It has not been like by anynone
    B. They sent all remaining stock down here.

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    Default Re: Crave by CK

    Though I bought a bottle of this one very cheaply, it just didn't grow on me.

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    Default Re: Crave by CK

    Tried it several times from friends, but didn't care much for it.
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