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    Default Gucci LA COLLECTION anyone?

    I was just wondering, who would like to see Gucci do a La Collection like YSL did? La Collection is an exclusive line that YSL made which was basically a re-issue of their discontinued classic fragrances for the ones who dont know what I am talking about.. I know some of you did not like the La Collection line because the fragrances were reformulated and not exactly the same as the original, but the way I see it is that I would much rather have a reformulated version of my favorite fragrances than to have none at all? I can deal with reformulations but I can not deal with discontinuations! Who would love to see Gucci bring back Rush, Envy, Pour Homme? Even if there formula is changed a bit, I wouldnt care as long as it still smells good and somewhat resembles the original! I think there has been way to much negative talk about YSL La Collection.. But I really think Gucci would do even better than YSL if they made an exclusive line with there classics! I contacted Gucci through the email on the website and told them how many of us use to be loyal customers until these classic masterpieces were discontinued for the new inferior lines aka Guilty.. I told them about this idea and how great it would be for us and them but I was told that they couldnt answer any questions like this.. They told me to contact P&G and give them my idea! I want my fellow basenoter's opinions! If you are up for it send a nice email to Gucci and P&G! Lets get the idea out there!

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    Default Re: Gucci LA COLLECTION anyone?

    I think it'd be great. They did a re-issue - or maybe it was really a commemorative adaptation - of the original bit loafer last year. I believe it was done to mark its 60th anniversary. The problem is that there's probably not enough truly old Gucci fragrance history to do it. Rush and Envy aren't really old enough to do re-issues. I like the idea now but it'd probably be better to do it in about ten years.

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    Default Re: Gucci LA COLLECTION anyone?

    I see what you are saying wheatstraq but when you look at YSL not all of there La Collection fragrances were older , most of them were from not long ago, the same era as Rush, Envy, and Pour Homme.. The Tom Ford era of YSL & GUCCI.. I just really want these fragrances back, they make the new Gucci fragrances smell like Axe.. For one I cannot believe that Rush was the first to be discontinued, I have become obsessed with it.. As long as they come back now or in a few years, I would be fine with that.. I just do not want them to be gone forever and 10 years from now, I feel that they will absolutely be HISTORY! Think about it , most americans nowadays have generic taste in fragrance and find anything that isnt aquatic smells like an old man.. Ten years from now and these masterpieces may be considered grandpa fragrances.. I think it would be best for them to rerelease these fragrances soon before they are forgotten.. I mean if you go on ebay these fragrances are going for hundreds each while the new fragrances are going for half the price of retail..

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    Default Re: Gucci LA COLLECTION anyone?

    I wouldn't mind Gucci doing an exclusive line like Chanel, Dior or Hermes, with new scents.
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    Default Re: Gucci LA COLLECTION anyone?

    I doubt very much this will happen. They were discontinued because they are not aligned with Gucci's new creative direction, which demands that everything they do must suck and be indistinguishable from the largest possible amount of crap currently on the market.
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    Default Re: Gucci LA COLLECTION anyone?

    I know it is so very sad! I just wish it would happen! Rush, Envy and Pour Homme are like the trinity to me! All three are absolutely amazing, whereas the new Gucci fragrances are absolutely nothing to brag about..

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    Default Re: Gucci LA COLLECTION anyone?

    It might be an improvement compared to their fragrances after GPH II.

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