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    Default Samples to suggest


    I am relatively new to the fragrance world and have only ever dabbled in designer scents.

    After endlessley scouring these boards and watching youtube reviews on niche I have a list of 15 houses I want to try.

    I was wondering if anyone could help suggest the standout fragrances to sample from these houses respectively.


    1. A Lab on Fire
    2. Amouage
    3. By Killian
    4. Creed
    5. Diptyque
    6. Escentric Molecules
    7. Frapin
    8. Heeley
    9. Le Labo
    10. Nassomato
    11. Odin
    12. Parfums MDCI
    13. Penhaligons
    14. Tauer Perfumes
    15. Tom Ford

    Any advice is appreciated guys.


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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    Hi and welcome!

    Perhaps a little more info about what kinds of fragrances you like and currently wear will help people to nudge you in the right direction?

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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    Hi Danielle,

    With the designer scents I own, I seem to lean more towards citrus/aquatic based fragrances.
    Versace Pour Homme and Leau D'issey are probably my most worn.
    I was bought D&G the one as a gift, and though initially I thought it was a great fragrance there was a note that came in the drydown that I couldn't handle .... Maybe Vanilla?
    So yeah, I'd say all in all the clean/fresh smelling scents are what Id go for

    Hope that helps


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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    Ok, in that case you will probably have a field day with Penhaligons as their barber shop history still informs a lot of their scents. Blenheim Bouquet, Extract of Limes, Eau De Cologne and Juniper Sling would be interesting perhaps?

    Escentric Molecule - Molecule 01 was an interesting experiment for me regardless of taste. One of my best friend's wears it routinely and it smells amazing on him, but completely different on others I know who have worn it and on me is undetectable to my nose within seconds.

    From Heeley Sel Marin would be a fairly safe choice based on your likes and Esprit du Tigre an interesting and unusual one.

    Tauer Perfumes are a journey for me - literally a narrative unfolding, that changes and develops. The explorer set from Tauer and the Discovery Set from Ormonde Jayne would be a great introduction to "niche" in general.

    The wonderful thing about niche is the ability to sample so do take advantage of this. I'm sure others will have lots of other input based on the houses you have chosen. Let us know how you get on.

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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    Many of these houses offer things that are big and potent, rather than fresh and citrusy. But then, perhaps that's the fun of exploring new things and see what clicks.

    2. Amouage : fresh doesn't usually describe this house. Relatively fresh is the wonderful rosy Silver. To me, the signature for men remains Gold man, huge incensy floral.

    5. Diptyque: this one does have a light, natural smelling style. Most will do here. Perhaps their L'Eau.

    8. Heeley: fresh marine, as said, is sel marin.

    9. Le Labo: Neroli is their aquatic offering, probably one of the best aquatics ever (together with Malle's Lys mediterranee). That said, my preferences go for the heavy stuff: the chemically explosive Patchouli and the superdirty Oud.

    12. Parfums MDCI: the reference modern masculine is Invasion Barbare, but I prefer the feminines like the citrusy floral Promesse de l'Aube.

    14. Tauer Perfumes: again, light does not describe at all the style of this house. the signature base is a heavy, gritty amber. Most talked about is L'air du desert marocain.

    15. Tom Ford: since you like vanilla, Tobacco Vanille.


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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    A nice aquatic from Versace is Eau Fraiche. Azzaro chrome might be something you may like. Almost forgot about Bergamatto Marino. One of my favorite aquatics. The price won't hurt your wallet either. Enjoy the sampling.

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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    Creed - Aventus
    Diptyque - L'Eau Diptyque
    Frapin - L'Humaniste
    Heeley - Sel Marin
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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    Rose 31
    MI by Creed
    Invasion Barbare
    TF - Grey Veviter

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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    1. L'Anonyme
    2. Dia Man
    3. Incense Oud
    4. Green Irish Tweed
    5. Tam Dao
    6. 01
    7. L'Humaniste
    8. Figuier
    9. Rose 31
    10. Black Afgano
    11. 02 Owari
    12. Ambre Topkapi
    13. Sartorial
    14. L'Air du Desert Marrocain
    15. Tobacco Vanille
    Currently wearing: Musk Oud by By Kilian

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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    I think the best offerings from the suggested houses are mostly on the heavier, dense, thick side...

    From A Lab On Fire I suggest What We Do In Paris Is Secret a magnificient powdery sweet vanilla honey scent with a short citrus fruity opening.

    But as you are searching for more "clean" scents you should try Creed Virgin Island Water. One of the best Creeds IMO and long lasting on my skin. It's a tropical coconut citrus scent and gives you a clean feeling ideal for hot weather.

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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    CREED Aventus
    Millesime imperial
    Original vetiver
    Green Irish tweed
    All of these should suit your tastes and are a good introduction into the niche world

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    Default Re: Samples to suggest

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

    I was looking into a fragrance called almost transparent blue by a lab on fire, as I thought it may be what I'd like.

    Does anyone here know anything about the fragrance and if it would be classed as a fresh citrus scent?


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