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Thread: Two new Tauers!

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    Default Two new Tauers!

    I didn't see this posted before, so I thought I'd share this from an email I just received from Scent and Sensibility Perfumes here in the UK:

    New entry in Tauer Perfumes Collectibles category

    If you are a reader of Andy Tauer's blog, you'll have been following the progress of Phi - Rose de Kandahar, the newest entry in the Collectibles grouping of perfumes.

    This is a limited edition rose-based fragrance using a rose oil from Afghanistan. A full, truly lush perfume, this is Andy Tauer performing his magic. Rose, apricot, spices, woods and resins, Rose de Kandahar is so beautiful.

    This is a limited release, meaning I have bottles and samples, but when my stock is gone, it's gone. I am hoping we will see this fragrance become a permanent part of the Tauer offering, but that's not the case at the moment. So, grab your bottle fast.

    50ml bottles are available for preorder, to be shipped after 15 November. 2ml samples are available now for £4.50 each.

    New in the Tableau de Parfums line

    Ingrid is the third perfume to enter the Tableau de Parfums line, the collaboration with filmmaker Brian Pera. The Woman's Picture film Ingrid is the inspiration for the eau de parfum Ingrid.

    A gorgeous floral, notes for Ingrid include bergamot, orange, lemon, frangipani, lily of the valley, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla.

    Bottles, priced at £110 for 50ml and £25 for a 7ml purse spray, are available for preorder, with delivery after 15 November. 2ml samples, priced at £4.50 each, are available now.

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    Default Re: Two new Tauers!

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    Default Re: Two new Tauers!

    Thanks for the info., Kagey!

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    Default Re: Two new Tauers!

    Oh lovely ! Thanks for the update.

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    Default Re: Two new Tauers!

    What website is this that offers 2ml samples and do they ship conus???
    thx for info,,,good to know .
    "Thank GOD for the nose, for without it we would not be enjoying these beautiful created Scents"

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    Default Re: Two new Tauers!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Rose de Kandahar sounds nice.
    Traum vernichtung

    for swap/sale:

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