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    Default Paco rabanne pour homme

    Hello friends,

    I have the option to purchase this particular version at a good price, could all experts give me their opinion on which version is this and whether it is worth purchasing as compared to the current version.



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    Default Re: Paco rabanne pour homme

    This is a formulation from the early 1990's, there are three bottles prior to this, a bottle with a silver logo (1st), bottles with a black logo engraved in the glass (2nd) and a third which is a sort of transition bottle where the logo is in black and some of the lettering is in white, (probably 1990).

    The bottle pictured should still smell good. It's still a vintage scent just not the first. Bottles with a white logo painted on them are at least second (maybe third formulation) but still head and shoulders above what's out there now.

    Eric would be able to give you more details.


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    Default Re: Paco rabanne pour homme

    I love this scent in all its incarnations. The one pictured should be fine if gotten at a good price.
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    Default Re: Paco rabanne pour homme

    I saw the current version going for £13.99 in Boots Chemists -- so sad (in one way)

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    Default Re: Paco rabanne pour homme

    I would take that bottle.
    Early 90's I believe is still very good.
    I don't mind the current version (at £13.99 it's a steal) but it isn't really close to any of the old versions.

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    Default Re: Paco rabanne pour homme

    I just checked on the paco rabanne website, and they too are offering a 200ml
    version, any chance this is this current version ?!/en/fra...assics/homme/1

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    Default Re: Paco rabanne pour homme

    Hello fraghead93 -

    Yes, that is the current formulation. Personally, I wouldn't waste time or money on it.

    The bottle shown up top is similar to a bottle I got that was from around the millennium - so, hopefully pre-IFRA mandated reformulation. There are other, older bottles that you can get which are more expressive, rich and potent. I am at the final drops of a 200ml splash identical to this. It is good, there is a nice greenness in here that smells wonderful as well as some nice moss. It is hard to say for sure how this would smell next to mine, but my juice smells like it still has a fair amount of oakmoss. It is not as rich as the older Vintage juice, however.

    Formulations and bottlings around this time are difficult to assess, but I'm very happy with mine. A point to note - while it is good, I always layer it with Vintage juice to get the warm, rich drydown that makes Paco Rabanne Pour Homme so good. This is not full of rich honeyed tobacco, amber nor does it have the golden color of the wonderful Vintage juice. On its own merit - it is still good, but one cannot deny the differences.

    If the price is right, take the plunge. If not, save your money for an older bottle that is exquisite. Having more juice that is simply good is not as important as having less that smells least, that's my philosophy.



    Quote Originally Posted by fraghead93 View Post
    I just checked on the paco rabanne website, and they too are offering a 200ml
    version, any chance this is this current version ?!/en/fra...assics/homme/1
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