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    Default Re: Fragrancenet no longer ships to Canada

    Just a heads up FragranceNet Canada has a store front on
    Shipping was not bad, I got four 3.4oz bottles shipped for $29 with no brokerage or duties charged. Seemed like it was shipped from Canada.

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    Default Re: Fragrancenet no longer ships to Canada

    Nice cndscentguy!! I noticed they ship to Canada now on their site but it's pretty pricey + brokerage.

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    Default Re: Fragrancenet no longer ships to Canada

    Quote Originally Posted by Sheppy99 View Post
    Holy crap........ I just tried to see what the charge for shipping would be for 1 bottle of Creed at and it was 53 dollars for shipping through fedex!!?!?!?!!

    Are they out of their minds?

    How is that a better option for Canadian shoppers. For 53 dollars, my bottle of cologne must get driven to my house in a Fedex Bugatti Veyron.

    I'll stick with The selection may not be as good and the initial cost might be a little higher but at least I know I'm getting free shipping with no extra bullshit. Good job fragrancex. At least you have the shipping part of the game won in a big way.
    I know right? I cannot believe that they think people will pay these ridiculous charges. My pricing out of curiosity puts them as more expensive than the bay and shoppers for equal products, plus you have to wait for delivery, sign etc.

    They are now officially dead to me as an option. Like you, I continue using


    - - - Updated - - -

    Looked at some of the prices for Christian Dior Men's and 30% over The Bay/ Shoppers. Just bonkers really. (on the store)
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