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    I have a bottle of Margot Elena's Pomme Poivre which features a scent which makes me think of old wooden furniture. It's slightly bitter and "decayed" to my nose, rather than the sweetness of sandalwood or spiciness of virginia cedarwood. The listed ingredient is ebony wood. What aroma chemical(s) is/are responsible for the ebony wood of perfumery? Does any one know? I was wondering if the effect was an olfactory illusion due to the full list of ingredients - Pomme also lists jasmine (not evident), orchid (presumably vanilla -of which only the woody not the sweet bit may be evident - if at all) and white musk. As a matter of fact the woody note in Pomme reminds me of the bitter woody scent that is part of vanilla pod plus a dry wood or the scent of decayed Tonka fruit (not the seed but the entire fruit) plus dry wood. Either way I find the scent of " old wood" in the fragrance compelling and would like to name the source. Btw the line claims to use natural components in crushed etc form but I doubt that "ebony wood" or "white musk" natural sources found their way in. Furthermore "ebony wood" is a note in several popular perfumes.
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    It doesn't really match your description but my only guess is that "Ebony wood" is a more romantic way of saying Ebanol, a sandalwood smelling chemical from Givaudan.

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