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    Default Parfum du 68 - Guerlain

    Trying out Parfum du 68 from a decant thanks to a friend.

    It opens with a shimmering bergamot but very quickly resonates into its darker side.

    Immediately the spices, rose & a sticky benzoin emerge.

    A little after the heliotrope makes an appearance not unlike l'Heure Bleu.

    Any thoughts ?

    Press Release info:

    "In 1913, Paris was abuzz and Guerlain set up a shop on the Champs-Élysées. Parisian ladies hastened to visit this “new temple of Beauty”, and, to celebrate the opening, Jacques Guerlain created for them the “Parfum des Champs-Élysées”, housed in a superb yet funny Tortoise bottle in Baccarat crystal; a humorous reference to the slow rate at which the construction was completed.
    The Eau de Parfum version. More than ever to compose this Parfum du 68, Thierry Wasser continues to draw inspiration from the very essence of Guerlain. Between past and future, rather than a tribute, this chic fragrance purports to be a statement. A woody fragrance that plays up the contrast between cold and hot spices. It magnifies everlasting flower and rose in a unique flower duet. A bouquet of heliotrope and benzoin envelops the fragrance in an unmistakable Guerlain trail. On the bottle, the platinum silkscreen printing pays homage to the façade of the mythical address. This bottle is staged on a chic and sober glorifier representing the drawing of the 68 Champs-Élysées.
    Available in the region exclusively at Maison Guerlain."

    Top notes: everlasting flower, rose
    Middle notes: heliotrope, benzoin, spices
    Base notes: Guerlinade accord, woods

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    Default Re: Parfum du 68 - Guerlain

    Sounds great. Would love to get a hold of a bottle of this! (333)
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    Default Re: Parfum du 68 - Guerlain

    This one is very tempting. Cologne du 68 is a very nice fragrance - a great variation on the L'Instant theme. I may break that one out to put myself in the mood for this.

    Wasser is on a roll. I'm betting this will be good stuff.

    PS - thanks for the pics, Saif. That bottle is fabulous, and I someday hope to see the mothership in person!!!
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    Default Re: Parfum du 68 - Guerlain

    Thanks for the first impressions! How different is it from Cologne du 68?
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    Default Re: Parfum du 68 - Guerlain

    The cologne doesn't feel or wear like a cologne but this really does feel like a proper perfume.

    Starts out shimmering, becomes complex with florals and an underlying resinous accord.

    The dry down is a blend of benzoin/tonka with a speck of incense.
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    Default Re: Parfum du 68 - Guerlain

    Any new info on this fragrance, reviews, comparisons, etc.?

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    Default Re: Parfum du 68 - Guerlain

    The EDP has been held back from release at Guerlain in Hong Kong - no idea why. I have tried it a couple of times and it's a nice 'progression' from the Cologne, which, as Saif mentions, is way more than 'just' a cologne in structure.

    I don't know if we'll see the Parfum here, though - I think it will have very limited release from the sound of it.

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    Default Re: Parfum du 68 - Guerlain

    I got a sample from the boutique last week. As Redneck says above, it's very much in the L'Instant vein, and very unisex. However, after a pleasant start I found it dissolving into a rather soupy, sweet juice familiar from several other recent releases from Guerlain (I'm thinking of Les Déserts d'Orient), with little to make it stand out from the crowd. It's well done and eminently wearable, but ultimately too sweet and not distinctive enough for fussy old me.

    By the way, I was hoping the heliotrope would be more noticeable. Or even noticeable. Perhaps my nose was asleep, and I need to try it again. Has anyone else found the heliotrope?

    On a side note, I thought the use of heliotrope was now severely restricted. I wonder what Wasser used instead - a synthetic equivalent, or just homeopathic quantities of the original? Its appearance at the base of the note pyramid is unusual.

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