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    Default Mill Creek Rescue Ebay Store

    I just found this link to this ebay store that has some pretty good prices on stuff. I was wondering if anyone here has ever used it and what the feedback on them is? Here's the link...

    Seems like they have decent prices for some Bond No.9 stuff So i was just curious if they are reputable.

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    Default Re: Mill Creek Rescue Ebay Store

    When you see their large selection it is clear that this is a retailer that happens to donate to rescue, as opposed to a rescue that happens to be a seller of perfumes. They are also like a multi-level marketing organization as they are actively soliciting other outlets. This does not mean they are not reputable.

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    Default Re: Mill Creek Rescue Ebay Store

    Oh I understand that, I only asked because I thought their prices were very good but I've also heard that some buyers of strawberrynet and other online stores have gotten fakes before. So I was just trying to look out, ya know?

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    Default Re: Mill Creek Rescue Ebay Store

    They are perfectly legit.
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