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Thread: My first oud.

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    Default My first oud.

    Postie brought me a couple of nice parcels today, a bottle of Ambre 114, which I'm already familiar with after finishing a decant, and my first oud TDC Oud for love. A bit of a risk as I've only tried it once but I'm really enjoying it and look forward to wearing it out. It will be a nice evening scent I think.

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    Default Re: My first oud.

    Congrats on two very good fragrances. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: My first oud.

    Congrats on your purchases, Oud for Love is wonderful, recently been testing it and very impressed so far. Ambre 114 is gorgeous also. Enjoy!
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    Default Re: My first oud.

    Love Ambre 114, excellent purchase!

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    Default Re: My first oud.

    Oud for Love is a great scent. Congrats and enjoy! (353)
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    Thanks. I might have to buy a back up bottle so I can use it more frequently because it really is stunning. I really need to shower and hit the sack but I'm sitting here being intoxicated with these amazing fumes.

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    Default Re: My first oud.

    I love The Different Company, and am IN love with Oud For Love. Masterpiece, and a truly seductively sexy perfume! Outstanding performance as well.
    Worth every penny for a full bottle!
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    Default Re: My first oud.

    Agree. A great iris and vetiver. Da Bachmakov is on my buy list. Would like to try their room candles also.

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    Default Re: My first oud.

    With Oud for Love, you grabbed one of the best oud fragrances there is IMO.

    Excellent choices!

    Quote Originally Posted by kusum65 View Post
    Da Bachmakov is on my buy list.
    Definitely one of my favorites. Flies under the Basenotes radar, but I think it is top notch.

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    Default Re: My first oud.

    Ambre 114 is a great one. Enjoy!
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    Default Re: My first oud.

    Ambre 114 is excellent..
    I have yet to sample anything from The Different Company

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