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    hi i'm relatively new to this so bare with me. i recently purchased Penhaligon Elixir from their website for half price so i bought two bottles. it made me think is there an annual sales time/drive by perfume houses? if so when? i am going to purchase Tom Ford Tuscan Leather and Divine L'homme Sage next and wondered if i should wait. any help is sincerely appreciated. thank all in advance

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    The possibility of Tuscan Leather and L'Homme Sage ever being in a sale are negligible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaern View Post
    The possibility of Tuscan Leather and L'Homme Sage ever being in a sale are negligible
    I'd agree with this.
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    Only if purchase from Fragrancnet at a time, when they stock it....Obviously: just recently they've gotten Amouage and Tommy Ford's Noir De Noir back but no Tuscan Leather, I don't know if they ever had it . I personally got on a Split with Dan(UN:MyMickers)@YouTube and got me self 50 ML for $112.00usd shipped. Btw Great splitter that DAN is , he bought that 250ml Flacon from Neiman Marcus in case you're wondering .....Peace
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    you missed Cyber Monday and Black Friday..
    Maybe next year

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