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    Default fragrance house sales

    is there any particular time of year when houses have sales. i purchased Penhaligon Elixir from their website for half price recently and wondered if all houses do this? can someone advise? i am looking to purchase Divine l'homme Sage and Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, should i wait? thanks to all in advance

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    Default Re: fragrance house sales

    Be on the look out around holidays for most house sales.
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    Default Re: fragrance house sales

    Yep, in the UK it's just after the holidays. They usually start 26th December (Boxing Day) and run throughout January.
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    Default Re: fragrance house sales

    Think I saw this exact thread in another forum but maybe my mind is playing tricks on me. Holiday sales - yes. (368)
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    Default Re: fragrance house sales

    a time of the year a house puts it's entire line on sale-NO

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