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    Cool Sample pass: Weil Cassandra and more/update: The sniff is on!

    ***UPDATE: We have seven sniffers, which is just just right.***

    I have added another vintage Weil to my collection, Cassandra EdC in packaging old enough to not have UPC bars on it. At first smell, with moi getting over a cold, this creation of Jacqueline Fraysse is clearly Weil, a cousin to the spicier Zibeline and the sweeter Antilope, with just a hint of that "fond du ashtray" that I find appealing, appearing most notably in Miss Balmain. Propelled thus into a serial sniff, I arrayed them: Antilope, Cassandra, Miss Balmain (not a Weil, but stick with me), and, finally the grande dame Zibeline. This is indeed a scent progression with flowers receding, as wood, smoke and animalics take over. I like the idea of a sample pass that represents a progression. Interested? A mix of experienced* and new** noses would be most welcome.

    * the usual and unusual suspects
    ** ScentFan, I'm looking at you!

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